Restoration 2006 – 2009

In autumm of 2003, a group of people from Valderrobres created the heritage recovery cultural association (REPAVALDE), their wanted to preserve the heritage of the town, but his main goal would be restore the church, severely damaged since the nineteen century.
In Spring 2004 Repavalde started a campaing to explain to the citizens of Valderrobres his objectives and looked for the atention of the media and the political institutions who had the possibility of moving foward with the works.
At the same time, they started other actions, first of all they promote a signature campaign between the visitors and the inhabitants of Valderrobres, to support the petition through a memorandum and a manifest presented before the courts of Aragon
The manifest and the memorandum were supported by 7154 signatures and the courts of Aragon, on 29th of april of 2004, aproved unanimously a proposition to ask to the autonomic goverment to Start the Works.
Secondly, they celebrate interviews with the heritage general director of the goberment of Aragon, and  with representants of all the politic parties and with eclesiastical authorities. The idea of restoring the third stage was specially supported by the archbishop of Zaragoza.





The Roof.

The roof of the church shown a terrible look, because of its several unfinished restorations which mixed different materials, like the original stone, clay, and uralite.
In this restoration all the structure of the roof has been changed and improved with modern materials but preserving his ancient look. The original stones have been used wherever has been possible, and the church is now protected against all the possible climatic menaces.

 The Belfry.

The belfry has recovered his original look. Some structures added in the last century have been removed and the roof has been improved in the same way than the church`s one.

The belfry has also been protected against doves and other animals. Protection webs have been installed on the main windows and the inner stairs have been repared and restored to ensure the security of the access to the tower.


Passage to the castle.

There was an old passage between the castle and the church to comunicate the main bedroom of the lord with his private chapel. This passage was sealed in 1859. In the current restoration, the passage has been recovered and preserved.

Cleaning and consolidation of the Fronts.

All the fronts have been cleaned carefully with high pressure water and brushes to avoid any damage to the stones and other ornaments.
The modern rejoined material has been removed and replaced by lime mortar which has been painted following the original ways.

Dampness Drainage.

The church of Valderrobres always has had troubles with dampness, pariculary in its north side, because some of its chapels are below the ground level. During the restoration the problem has been treated and even is not completely solved, It has been considerably improved installing a dampness bomb and working to avoid the condensation on the walls.


Third Section.

The third section has been completely restored and reintegrated to the temple. The west side door has been recovered, although It is not used today because it`s unnecessary. The falling vaults have been covered, drawing arches and restoring the Santiago Chapel.

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